Manufacturing processes involved in the production

As the only linear production system in Europe, it was conceived and created by the technical staff of this company.

It allows to produce quickly at higher quality over 3,000 tons of yarns per year by extrusion system.

Green Energy    

The production of energy comes from a trigeneration plant heat absorber that allows to reduce power consumption and polluting emissions.

Mixing raw materials

The production process starts mixing polymers, colouring agents and other additives in the quantity required for the compound production.


Raw materials compound is subsequently fused and extruded, then processed to obtain synthetic yarns.


By twisting or binding the wires will be assembled to one or more garments.

Quality control

Once the process is concluded yarns samples are taken to be measured and tested to overcome quality controls.


Once the quality of the product is guaranteed by innovative machineries, yarn is wound onto bobbins according to the dimensions required and packaged.


Once the yarn is wound and packaged, it is shipped worldwide by air or sea freight.

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