Quality synthetic grass threads

Synthetic turf mantel supply for both athletic and landscape purpose is incrising.

It is important to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding customers in order to ensure a managing demand without addressing investements in machinery and staff.

A supplier with proven experience and reliability means to be able to delegate all or part of the production without compromising the image quality of the finished product.

Synthetic, textiles fibres and monofilament fibrillated

Since years of focused development and manufacturing experience on synthetic fibres of all kinds by polypropylene and polyethylene extrusion.

Yarns are packaged on bobbin and globally shipped to those who provides sports fields and artificial turfs.

Because of specific additivations we can ensure a more than 10 years duration of our artificial grass yarns. They mantein their colour and brightness not only in the worst climatic conditions but also in changing usage patterns.

Search and customization

An ongoing search for innovative materials and production methods enable to satisfy the need of each artificial grass and yarns producers. 

Products can be customized in different ways:

–    Choice of colours

–    Coiche of shapes

–    Kind of binding

–    Chemical compound used

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